When Dan Betke went to go pick up food at a local restaurant recently, he had an ingenious idea. He wondered how so many people would get the essentials they would need in the coming weeks. So he started a website by the name of HelpKalamazoo.com. The website is designed and shaped around the idea that many people may be struggling to get the goods they need to their house. He also kept in mind that many people have the ability to deliver those good to people, so why not combine both needs into one website.

As originally reported by WWMT, Betke told them just how crucial this website could become in the following weeks : "There's a lot of people in the next few weeks who will be really struggling. If more get sick, we are gonna have to band together. I put the site together as a way for us to connect people in need, with people who are willing to help."

You can sign up to deliver goods or request them be delivered to you on the homepage of their website. People who need goods delivered can pay for the items ahead of time then reimburse the volunteer when they arrive, or ask for help paying for the items as well.

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