Territorial Brewing Company is a great little find.

Before heading over to 'Firekeepers' to catch Billy Idol, a few friends and myself went out for drinks and dinner at a place none of us had been before. We went to 'Territorial Brewing Company'.

Tucked away in Springfield (just outside of Battle Creek) you will find a homey little brewery, with potent beer and German food.

In fact, some of their beers are so strong that my friend attempted to order a third Penetrator and was told "No". With that brew there is a limit on how much you can have because of how high the alcohol content is in the beer, 2 is the limit!

The food was good (hummus had much too much garlic in it, even for garlic lovers) abut the the prices were reasonable. Yet, the pub did have a big downfall, twice during our time there we were approached twice, by two different people selling items table to table. It was a tad uncomfortable to be in the middle of a conversation and be interrupted by a sales pitch. That I could of done with out, but otherwise it is a fun place to dine.

If you need a couple of excuses to check out this joint, here they are!

Every Thursday for the next month you can treat yourself to a growler and save some cash. According to the brewers website Teritorialbrewing.com Thursdays are 'Growler Thursday' and here is what you get...

$1.00 fills for tier 1 beers (short) and $2.00 for tier 2 beers (short) Special offer fills 2 growlers per ticket, not available on any other day of the week WE WILL FILL ANY 64 oz Growler! Not just Territorial Brewing Company growlers.

Plus, if you like to belt out a tune to celebrate the end of the weekend, the brewery has 'Karaoke Sunday's' for the next month (the fun starts at 7 pm).

It is fun finding new places, to have an evening at.

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