Around town there has been some buzz with people claiming to have seen Spiderman. I myself thought I had seen him one day but thought maybe I was losing my mind. It seems my mind is in tact, as the "friendly neighborghood" Spiderman of Kalamazoo is indeed real, and he's making a big difference in the community.

Brendon Rice spends his time making people around the Kalamazoo area's days a little brighter by showing up dressed as the web-slinging Marvel superhero. As he explained to me:

I have always wanted to do something like this since I was 12 and now I have that chance. I actually go around town saying "hi" to the people in town and I have always wanted to surprise kids at the Kalamazoo Autism Center. When people see me, they actually yell out “spiderman!” Or something else awesome.

He says as of now he hasn't done any private bookings, but hasn't closed the door on the idea. Check out some of the shots of the Kalamazoo Spiderman captured here by photographer Logan Neeley:

Kalamazoo Spiderman

Be on the lookout for Spiderman around town!



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