This Ohio high school went viral with their salute to the class of 2020 during the Pandemic.

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The bus drivers for Ohio's Loveland City School District are wishing their 392 graduating seniors good luck in the best way they know how.

Schools across the United States of America have either postpone or cancelled what would have been the biggest day of high school senior's life's, their graduation ceremony.  This is one of many major ways the Covid-19 Pandemic has greatly impacted our country.  The Loveland City School Distract recently found a creative way to salute their seniors.

You'd think this simply, yet very thoughtful gesture would be easy to pull together.  You would be wrong.  It took about 3 and a half hours to properly organize the 22 buses to spell out 2020 in the school parking lot.  In fact, from the ground it just looked like a maze.  They didn't know if they lined the buses up correctly until they saw the aerial shot from a drone.  You can check out that drone video posted on the school's facebook page below.  Then below that you'll see Good Morning America coverage of the tribute.

Did your school do something cool for seniors?  Let us know in the facebook comments.

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