Haunted lighthouses throughout Michigan has always fascinated me. In fact, my brother and his wife were married at The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, where it's rumored that the spirit of a woman who died after she was locked in the lighthouse tower by her husband still haunts the lighthouse, and her screams can be heard on random nights. There's also another that says the spirit of a former keeper of the lighthouse, George Parris, who moved in in the 1990's. George & his wife moved in to run the museum and schedule tours for tourists and locals. After he passed away, it's said the light comes on by itself at dusk and turns off at dawn by itself. What's even creepier is that it still comes on & off after the light was disabled years ago.

That's one of many locations you'll read about in Dianna Stampfler's new book, "Michigan's Haunted Lighthouses". Stampfler will be at the downtown branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library Thursday, May 16 from 7-8:30 p.m. for a book signing, according to FOX17. 

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