Halloween is probably the best time of the year for the simple fact that it allows you to be fun and not be concerned about your imagination being judged. Everyone likes to dress up and have a little fun, and for some people it's a business. Katarina Jones is the owner of Kitty's Artwork in South Haven and she makes custom tye dye shirts, which this year she's decided to spookify by making Halloween themed shirts. She says this has been a total release for her and loves making them:

I feel so happy this is happening, thank you so much for making me feel so special today! I started the business just from people asking me for them. I invested everything into it cause it makes me happy and it helps my stress. I have been tye-dying for ten years and I’m a stay a home mom, so all my time at home I spend practicing making shirts. I sell them for $20 each and I can also do custom orders. I sell shirts at the Phoenix Record Shop in South Haven.

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Kitty also takes inquiries through her companies' Facebook page for any requests and pricing. She makes all sorts of sizes ranging from Toddler shirts all the way up to adult sizes. Take a look at some of the designs she's already come up with and see if you can get your favorite Halloween idea on a shirt. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem like it'll be hard for her to pull it off.

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