When countless shipping containers started populating local Meijer parking lots, Kalamazoo residents started wondering what all the fuss was all about. As it turns out, those shipping containers were part of a massive Meijer remodel taking place at stores across the Mitten.

Meijer stores on Westnedge and Gull Road, in addition to the Battle Creek and Coldwater, all saw major facelifts both inside and outside of the building—all while continuing to remain open for business.

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The news we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! On their official social media pages, the Michigan-based chain of grocery superstores announced:

Your Gull Road Meijer remodel is complete. Come join us for family fun at our Re-Grand Opening Celebration...featuring games, prizes, and so much more.

Indiana-based company Elevatus, which was selected to provide design services for the Meijer remodel says the company worked alongside the construction manager to ensure only minimal disruption occurred during each remodeling process.

However, if you visited these local stores during the remodel you know that was easier said than done. Speaking from my experience visiting the Westnedge Meijer I know that just getting through that congested parking lot filled with shipping containers was a battle--more so than it already was pre-remodel!

Elevatus says each store featured upgrades both inside and outside of the building and included improvements on existing structures wherever possible. New team and electronics areas were created, new finishes were installed throughout each store, and upgrades were made to bottle return areas.

In addition, the food prep areas of the deli, bakery, seafood, and meat departments went through extensive reconfigurations. In fact, one Reddit user claims the reconfiguration includes eliminating the meat counter at the Westnedge Meijer altogether, saying:

Talked to a meat dept employee the other day; he told me that as part of the remodel, Westnedge Meijer is changing their meat dept. to prepackaged only.

That sounds a bit extreme, but not entirely surprising considering the state of the economy and rising food prices. Have you been to any of the newly remodeled Meijer stores in our area yet? Are you a fan of the improvements?

The Re-Grand Opening Celebration for the Gull Road Meijer will take place on August 27, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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