The main staple on your Thanksgiving table may cost you less than your side of cranberry sauce this year. While the price of turkey may be going up at other places this year, Meijer is helping families in a unique way. By dropping prices on their turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving.

Price Drop on Turkey at Meijer

According to Fortunly, a 16-pound turkey will cost Americans an average of $20.32 this Thanksgiving. Due to inflation and supply chain issues, and the bird flu that killed around 6 million turkeys in 2022, the prices of turkey have gone up  in the last five years.

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Josh Potts, the poultry buyer for Meijer, tells WILX:

“We know turkey prices are up significantly in a lot of places this year, but our highest priority is bringing value and quality to our customers this holiday season,” Potts said. “We’re working hard to keep prices low for our customers so they can enjoy this holiday staple with their family and friends.”

How much are turkeys selling for at Meijer?

Meijer brand frozen turkeys will be on sale for 59 cents per pound. That's roughly the same price Meijer offered its customers in the 1930's. If only we could go back to 1930 prices for an entire Thanksgiving meal. 1930, the price of Thanksgiving for a family of six was about $5.50 - equivalent to about $71.20 today - according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's inflation calculator.

Meijer brand frozen turkey is on sale now through November 25th for 59 cents per pound. All Meijer brand turkeys will be limited to one per customer.

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