The year 1968 was an incredible year in history, filled with turmoil, unrest, rioting and protest; nowhere more than in the streets of Detroit. But one thing brought the city together: the Detroit Tigers. This season the team will celebrate the World Series champions, with a season long series of events, culminating on the weekend of September 7-9, when the Tigers host the St. Louis Cardinals, the team they defeated in 1968 to win the title.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
The Detroit Tigers celebrated the 1968 champions in 2013. (Getty Images)

The team will have a series of bobblehead and replica jersey giveaways. One of the coolest items related to the celebration is a limited edition set of season tickets created by world famous logo designer Todd Radom.

Radom is responsible for many iconic sports related logos, and last season, did a set of historic ticket art for the Chicago White Sox. You can get a glimpse of both sets on his website.

While the Tigers' are rebuilding the current team, this season provides fans a chance to remember and relive the glory days of 1968. I hope Radom has an opportunity to do something similar for the 1984 World Champs.

Tiger Stadium General View
A look inside Tiger Stadium circa 1988. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)


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