Man, I was just sitting at my desk the other day, thinking about all the great things this city could use to help it thrive and grow. Out of all the wonderful thoughts that were flying through my mind, there was one that was just overpowering. A new place to get a car wash and oil change. Then, what seemed like a dream, turned out to be a bright and exuberant burst of reality. A new car wash and oil change facility is planning on being build on the grounds where young and eager minds once roamed the halls of Davenport University.

Where once young adults came to get an education and lay the foundations of their career, now, will they come to get a super wash for $8. This new car wash and oil change facility is the first step to taking Kalamazoo Township to the next level of greatness, no doubt. According to Kalamazoo Township Planner Patrick Hudson, Drive and Shine, which is a chain of car washes based in Mishawaka, Indiana, hopes to be up and running on the site by fall 2019. Let's hope it's sooner.
For real though, I hope their business thrives. Kalamazoo is dedicated to their favorite businesses and those who run them.

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