A Kalamazoo business shows us one way they're keeping customer's safe after Covid-19.

All residents of Michigan celebrated when we got the news that restaurants would be legally allowed to open on June 8th and hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and tanning parlors on June 15th.  However, we're not totally out of the woods with Covid-19.  We still must take precautions so we don't cause a second wave.

With that being said, Travis Swift shared one of the simple yet effective tools they're using to help prevent spreading the coronavirus at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites just off of US 131 and West Main in Kalamazoo,

These signs are laminated and would go on areas that you allow sitting. This helps your employees quickly identify areas that need to be cleaned and sanitized. This also helps your visitors understand that you are taking the fight against COVID-19 seriously and you are taking the prior precautions to keep them safe!



Travis T. Swift
Travis T. Swift

Simple, but effective.  Well done Travis.  And thank you for the tip.

Show us how what your business is doing to keep people safe post-pandemic.  Your ideas could really help local businesses and keep our community healthy.  You can share your photos in the facebook comments or tag us on instagram.


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