Grand Rapids man arrested at the Canadian border because he needed more pot.

I think for the most part, marijuana is a harmless drug relatively speaking.  Lord knows the laws revolving around the sale and possession of pot can be confusing since it can be different in every state and every county.  However, I think we can agree on two things.

#1 You should drive under the influence of weed.

#2 Never ask law enforcement or more specifically border agents if they will sell you some ganja.

I stand corrected.  We don't all agree on those two things.  Which is why 29-year-old Kyle Shultz of Grand Rapids has been arrested.  According to border patrol agents contacted the Sault Ste. Marie police regarding an impaired driver.  That's because Shultz allegedly declared he had marijuana on him to border patrol and failed a drug recognition evaluation.  Oh yeah, he also asked border agents if he could buy more weed off of them.

The suspect has been charged with impaired driving.

Doesn't he know he can get recreational marijuana all over the state of Michigan?  In an effort to take a little bit of heat off of this Grand Rapids guy, at least he didn't sell pot to a student.  Last October a teacher allegedly sold weed to a student in Michigan.  Get that full story by clicking here.

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