Grand Rapids Doctors appear to be tone def while turning surgery into a game on Instagram.

Many local residents are rightfully upset by recent Instagram posts by West Michigan physicians holding up organs during surgery saying things like "guess that weight" as the patient lays there on the table.  It's not an official Instagram account for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.  However, these doctors-in-training are their employees according to Wood TV 8,

The group responsible for the posts described itself as 35 OB/GYN residents from across the country who are training in their specialty at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.

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As if the images weren't disturbing enough by themselves.  Some of the doctors' statements made it far worse.  Captions like “We get a little competitive when your… attending (physician) challenges you in morcellation. Longest one wins! Good work,” or “The other game we play in the OR is guess that weight.  It applies to much more than just babies. As always, ‘Price is Right’ rules apply so if you go over then you’re out!” were on the now deactivated Instagram profile.

Residents aren't the only people horrified by this Instagram profile.  Many medical professionals spoke out against these actions as well.  Some brought up the clear privacy violation.  Others point out the already growing mistrust of the medical community for patients and how this just adds to the problem.

Then there's the lack of humanity.  I realize that sounds overdramatic.  The patients in these social media posts are not treated as human beings in any way.  They are simply objects to these doctors-in-training in the worst, even most dangerous ways.  There are hard working doctors and nurses that bust their butts every day because they care about their patients.  This situation is going to be a huge set back for them as well.

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