If you need to find a map or directions of how to get to where you need to go, Google Maps is outstanding. I use app on my phone all the time, and the desktop version, too. You type an address in, and you are good to go. But what happens if you type in the name of a city? If you simply type "Kalamazoo, Michigan" into Google Maps, this is what it will show you. This is Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This is Kalamazoo
According to Google, this is Kalamazoo. (Mark Fricke/TSM)

That's the corner of Michigan Ave. and Park St. looking east.

I typed in "Battle Creek" and it made me nostalgic. The picture is of McCamly St. and Michigan Ave. That building on the right used to be Argubright Business College, and then Davenport University. On the far corner, on the 5th floor, those were the 103.3 KFR studios when I came here. I only worked in those studios for 18 months, but I do remember the air conditioning was the best. And there were no windows you could open.

This is Battle Creek, Michigan
This is Battle Creek when you use Google Maps. (Google Street)

So go ahead and type a city into Google Maps and see where it takes you.


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