Sunday is family fun day!

While taking Olive my dog for her evening walk I saw a family having some fun. The parents were teaching their daughter how to take part in Double Dutch Jump-rope. Now, I am not the most coordinated gal, so I have never attempted to try this game, but it was a blast to watch.

Seeing a family enjoy a nice evening, and laughing made my day (and week for that matter). It got me thinking about all the simple fun games I played as a kid with family and friends.

Just too name a few...

  1. Kick Ball
  2. Kick the Can
  3. Pickle
  4. Freeze Tag
  5. Capture the Flag
  6. Hopscotch
  7. Mother, May I
  8. Blind Man's Bluff  (tag blindfolded)
  9. Hide and Seek
  10.  Red Rover

What games did you love as a kid, and what games are you teaching and playing with your kids? I would love to know!


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