Well, I'm not mathematician, but you have to figure, odds are it had to happen...eventually. A Lakeview, Michigan woman gave birth to a daughter this week. She is her 15th child. The first 14 were boys.

Maggie Jayne Schwandt was born at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids Thursday. Mom Kateri and Dad Jay say Maggie came into the world at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and she has 14 brothers. Her eldest brother is 28 years older than Maggie. He's engaged and has bought a farm down the road from mom and dad, so there will be no shortage of babysitters either way.

Kateri and Jay are from the Gaylord area, and went to Ferris State University, and had their first three boys by the time they graduated. Then Kateri got a Masters at Grand Valley and Jay got his law degree from Western Michigan University's Cooley Law School.

The Schwandts are no strangers to publicity, having been featured on the own streaming show, 14 Outdoorsmen, on MyOutdoorTV.

On the show's main page, they described themselves this way a couple of years ago.:

We have 14 boys… that’s right! 14 BOYS! Even our dog Boomer is a boy! The boys range in age from a few months, up to 26 years old. We have mom severely outnumbered, and as you can imagine, there is enough testosterone around here to fill a stadium! - 14Outdoorsmen.com

Thinking about when Maggie starts dating, that's a lot of shotguns.

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