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A children's book that said to be a story where "we are all going to a party, where we'll meet amazing people (and animals), and anything can happen ... as long as it's fun" apparently also takes place in Kalamazoo.

The author, Ed Shankman, is from the Bronx, New York, and he published this children's book in 2013. Amazon describes Shankman as a creative director in the advertising industry, but beyond the office, he spent time chasing creative inspiration as a writer, guitar player, and painter.

His first book, ""I Went to the Party in Kalamazoo,"" uses rhymes to help young readers imagine the ultimate children's party, which takes place in Kalamazoo. With illustrator Dave O'Neill, he has created four winning children's titles. Several positive reviews of the book are from people who specifically sought out the book because they were from, or had, connections to Kalamazoo.

This book is your child's passport to the ultimate children's party. Every detail of the book, and the party itself, has been designed with a child's favorite things in mind. You'll find ""sandboxes everywhere, and fields to play ball in, and places to hide in, and places to crawl in, and places to lie in, and places to fall in, and one that I'm sure you will feel very tall in.""

The party in Kalamazoo reveals itself through easy, playful rhymes and bright, whimsical illustrations that delight children and parents alike. You'll meet ""puppies and ponies and marionettes. That's the kind of excitement that no one forgets!""

Best of all, you and your child can attend the party in Kalamazoo again and again — on rainy days, at bedtime, and whenever else you like — for as long as this book remains a cherished part of your child's collection.

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