This Goat Yoga Halloween Party in Indiana sent me down the happiest internet rabbit hole of my life.

What were you doing last Sunday?  Watching the Detroit Lions lose their 7th game in a row?  I don't know for sure what you were doing on Sunday, the 24th.  However, if you weren't in Chandler, Indiana, I'm pretty sure you were not living your best life.  That's because on that day, Blue Heron Farm, just outside of Evansville, held a special edition of their regular goat yoga event.  People were encouraged to wear costumes just like their four-legged yoga partners.  The result is an explosion of cuteness as seen in the pics and video below.  (Side note: I strongly encourage you to watch both videos at the bottom of this article.)

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Goat yoga is maybe the most adorable idea since Rick Springfield put his dog in a shirt and tie on an album cover in the early 80s.  In fact, there is a petting zoo in Dowagiac, Michigan that hosts goat yoga events.  Get more info on Southwest Michigan goat yoga by clicking here.

Earlier in this article, I spoke of "the happiest internet rabbit hole of my life."  I would like to share with you, the cutest video I've ever watched.  It is a group of baby goats, or kids, in pajamas.  Whenever you're feeling down, play this video.  It's far cheaper than therapy.

While we're on an 'animals in costumes' kick, please enjoy the photo galleries below.

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