A non-profit petting zoo in Cass County is at risk of losing all of it's animals and closing for good.  Here's why.

Hidden Acres is a petting zoo located at 50582 Pleasant Street in Dowagiac.  This Southwest Michigan farm is popular in the community and hosts tours, birthday parties, field trips and goat yoga.  Yep, goat yoga.

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Apparently, the petting zoo isn't popular with everyone.  Hidden Acres was recently visited by The Township Building and Zoning Administrator regarding an anonymous complaint about the number of animals that are kept on the farm.  Thankfully, the community came together to raise the $1,000 needed to appeal the zoning board.  However, this farm is not out of the woods yet according to their facebook post,

If we don't win the appeal, every one of our animals will have to be removed from the property and Hidden Acres will be done. Hidden Acres Safe Haven will be done. All of the service to our community will be done. Every one of the animals you all know and love will have to be sold and once again face an uncertain future.

Not only did many people donate money for the legal fee but also, many have reached out to the Silver Creek Township in support of the farm.  The township has giving Hidden Acres time to get certified by the state under the Right to Farm Act.  If they get certified, they will be allowed to continue to operate.  Hidden Acre's application to be certified by the state was sent in on June 2nd.

If you're interested in checking out the farm and maybe doing some goat yoga click here for their facebook page for more info.  We're all keeping our paws crossed for Hidden Acre's and wish them the best.

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