If you're looking for something really unique to do this Halloween, I think I may have just hit the jackpot. We've heard of watching The Addams Family in a graveyard, but how about strolling through a 1/3 mile trail filled with over 5,000 hand carved jack o’ lanterns? The Glow in Chicago has everything from artistically detailed single pumpkin carvings to amazing, larger-than-life structures.

The Glow is actually a national attraction, and this year is making it's way to Nashville, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C, and the closest location to us near Chicago. Tickets for this 35-45 minute experience go for $23 for adults, $17 for children, and $28 for anytime you wanna come. I mapquested the ride and it'll only take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to from Kalamazoo, and it is being held at 2751 Navistar Dr, Lisle, IL. That's just east of Chicago. Totally worth the trip though once you take as look at some of the amazing features and sights below:

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