Today is one of the rare days out of the year where I feel completely sick to my stomach, and am fighting off the urge to get sick as I type this out. But hopefully my strife through the pain can help somebody out there who may be going through the same thing. Especially as we head towards flu season, it's gonna be be a not-so uncommon thing for stomach aches to start popping up.

This morning I tried drinking a Ginger Ale pop to see if the old remedy would work. It doesn't. In fact, a can of ginger ale can have as much as 9-13 teaspoons of sugar that's added to it, which doesn't help considering sugar helps feed bad bacteria in your stomach. Pure Ginger is actually what you want to have in a situation like mine. slicing it off and putting it in tea is probably the way I'm gonna wanna go. You should do the same.

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