When it comes to roadside attractions, there are a few that might be more well known than others. There's a giant ball of yarn in Kansas, the Jolly Green Giant in Minnesota, the world's largest fish statue in Wisconsin, and so on. In fact, you can see a list of the 33 best roadside attractions in America here.

However, it may be surprising to learn that a giant, "man-killing" clam, acts as a roadside attraction right here in Michigan.

Sea Shell City has been operating in Michigan for decades. In fact, their first location opened in Gaylord, MI before I-75 (which runs north to Mackinac Island) was even complete. Now, Sea Shell City resides at 7075 Levering Rd in Cheboygan.

As the name would suggest, you'll find all sorts of shells at Sea Shell City. However, according to roadsideamerica.com, none of the shells are even from America. Browsing their website, you'll find decorative shells like conch shells, bear paws, and more. In fact, if you're looking for nautical decoration Sea Shell City's website offers home decorations, garden decorations...pretty much anything you can think of.

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Regardless of the plethora of shells you can find at Sea Shell City, their biggest attraction is a "man-killing" clam that is strategically (and hilariously) placed outside of the men's restroom.

In an interview with roadsideattractions.com, the owner of Sea Shell City said that she didn't name it but, rather, it was called that by the person she bought it from. She went on to say that,

The clam doesn't eat men. It closes on their feet and then they drown.

The clam is said to weigh about 500 pounds, a weight that, certainly, would be enough to drag any person down to the depths of their doom.

But, not to worry, the chances of that actually happening are slim to none.

According to Wikipedia.com, while giant clams have the ability to clamp down...their actions are defensive and not aggressive. And, generally, the shells close slowly. So, they're not considered a threat to humans.

Sea Shell City remains open to this day although, should you plan on stopping by while making your way to the U.P., keep in mind that they are seasonal. They're open April 1st through the third weekend in October, according to their website.

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