Earlier last month, I did a story on how The Detroit Paranormal Expeditions Team was going to be investigating the Atwater Brewery in Detroit for paranormal activity and streaming it live on Facebook for the world to see. It turns out that the investigation may have been a success as they seemed to have captured an anomily on one of their cameras.

During the investigation, one of the cameras they were using went from being pointed at the ceiling to to ground level. It was during this downward tilt that you can see some kind of "angelic figure with wings" fly into the shot and fly into the ceiling as it disappears. You can see the footage capture in the video below at the 5:15 mark in the video.

Do you think that this was some sort of angelic spirit watching over the Atwater Brewery, which is a former church located in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan? Maybe we should do some of our own ghost hunting right here in Kalamazoo...



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