Bacon, beer and more bacon. You in?

The Kalamazoo Jaycees, a group of young professionals who use their network to better themselves and the town of Kalamazoo are hosting Baconfest 2016 at Rupert's Brew House on West Michigan Ave this Saturday from 4pm to 7pm.

This event is all about the bacon! You can bring in your own "bacon recipe" for a team of judges to try and you could be the culinary start of the evening. Some of the prizes for the best bacon dish include peppered bacon from The Pantry and even a bacon suit coat, for all  your fancy business attire needs.  The event is open to the entire community and everyone is encouraged to attend and grab a beer and bring some bacon!

Credit: Rupert's Brew House
Credit: Rupert's Brew House

Rupert's is a Kalamazoo Microbrewery that is a BYOF place, that means grab a pizza or your favorite fast food before coming in to grab a beer. While hanging out you can meet Uncle Bill, the brewery's resident Great Dane who is a pleasure to have dinner with. Heck, if things go well - maybe he'll even buy you a drink.

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