Gasoline prices don't quite have as colorful a term as baseball does with "The Mendoza Line", (where a hitter hitting less than .200 is said to be below the "Mendoza line", named after immortal shortstop Mario Mendoza.) Going below the "Two Buck Chuck" line doesn't quite have the same magic.

But gasoline prices have gone below the $2.00 mark in many places around Southwest Michigan. Now, the cynics among us are just waiting for the prices to get jacked up before the holiday, but as of Friday midday, that hasn't happened - yet.

Detroit's WXYZ-TV reports "AAA Michigan reports that gas prices, which are already at 2-year lows for this time of year, should drop even lower in coming days. Gas prices in Michigan are 41 cents less than the average price on Christmas Day 2017."

Here's something that might put a better perspective on it: We're paying about $14 less per fill up than last summer. Ho Ho Ho.




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