It is quite unfortunate that we live in a world where people who need medical attention and care often cannot afford it.

There is an underserved and homeless population in this country and in Kalamazoo. A population that will now have access to medical care, counseling, and more with a new health clinic.

As reported by, the Helping Hands Wellness Center just opened on April 17th. The clinic, at 310 N. Rose St., will specifically cater to those who are uninsured or at-risk by providing free, non-emergent care.

Services offered include:

  • minor procedures
  • x-ray imaging
  • emotional coaching (social work/therapist)
  • wound care

And more. See a full list of services on the Helping Hands Wellness Center's website.

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Are There Other Free Clinics in SW Michigan?

From what I can find, there are only a few free clinics in our area. One of them being in Allegan.

The Renewed Hope Health Clinic also operates as a free clinic offering both medical and mental health services. Read more here.

As well, I found a dental clinic in Three Rivers called My Community Dental Centers which, according to their website, hopes to,

Enhance community health by offering access to quality dental care for all.

See their full website here.

You can do a search for free health clinics throughout Michigan through the site Free and Charitable Clinics of Michigan.

Income, age, and gender can all influence a person's decision to put off seeking medical care. In 2022, it was found that an average of 29% of Americans did not seek out medical attention due to cost alone.

And that's based on the number of people who reported delaying medical care. The actual number could be higher. A number that will, hopefully, be slightly reduced in Kalamazoo thanks to this new, free clinic.

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