Being child-less myself, I'm a little out of touch with what they are and aren't  teaching in schools right now. However, I do have a 6 year old niece who is a soon-to-be first grader and I can tell you one thing she absolutely knows nothing about: cursive.

According to Hour Detroit the Core Common Standards that Michigan's Board of Education adopted in 2010, which ensures high school graduates are adequately prepared to enter college and the workforce, did not require students to know how to write or read cursive.

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I graduated from Allegan High School in 2007 and I'm not sure if it was a requirement to graduate back then, but I do remember countless hours spent practicing scribbles in my 3rd grade classroom.

Back in the day penmanship was something to be proud of! It could even win you an award or even a scholarship for school. Thankfully, cursive does not have to be a lost art for Kalamazoo kids.

Dr. Bob, a member of Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild and the International Association of Master Penman Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) is hosting a free cursive handwriting class for Kalamazoo 3rd-5th graders. The class, which is free of cost, will take place July 20 & 27 and August 3 & 10 at the gathering place The Bellflower.

I can't say that I use cursive very often these days. However, I feel fortunate enough to know how to sign my name and be able to read through the notes written by my grandma on the back of old family photos. It's a skill worth having!

More details on this free workshop here.

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