If you know, you know: Much like the iconic Pizza Hut roof, when you see a former Hot 'n Now location that is still standing you immediately know what it once was.

Sadly, there is only one original location of the beloved Michigan-based fast food chain still standing today which is located in Sturgis, MI, but the burger joint will always live on in our hearts. One couple even took their engagement photos there!

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Hot 'n Now History

The chain, which originated in Kalamazoo in the mid-'80s, at one point blossomed into over 100 stores in 15 different states. Featuring a menu of cheap cheeseburgers, poppers, and cheesy taters, the chain was known for its brightly colored orange-slanted roof.

There's nothing fancy about Hot 'n Now but it was darn good food! Their drive-thru service-only model allowed them to keep prices down and ensured prompt service for those of us that wanted it both hot and now!

The Hot 'n Now brand was absorbed by the Taco Bell corporation and after a series of sales the BTND, LLC fell into ownership of the Hot 'n Now brand. Of the last two remaining restaurants in Michigan, the Bay City location caught fire in 2016 which leaves the Sturgis store the only one still in existence.

Memories of Hot 'n Now

As a kid growing up in Michigan during the '90s it was always a special day when my family swung through the drive-thru of a Hot 'n Now. I distinctly remember trying, and falling in love with, popcorn chicken from the Plainwell Hot 'n Now. If I'm being completely honest that Hot 'n Now popcorn chicken is still the standard that I hold for all popcorn chicken I've ever consumed since-- no one else can seem to get it quite right like Hot 'n Now did.

Many have, and continue, to make the trek down to Sturgis to get some of their Hot 'n Now favorites. The last time I made the drive down was in 2020 which means I'm well overdue for another visit!

Which is your favorite menu item at Hot 'n Now?

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