Old school investigation techniques were used to crack the Pontiac Donut Caper Tuesday morning.

I've always questioned the intelligence of criminals in this day and age.  We all know there are cameras everywhere.  How could you possibly get away with a crime at this point?  However, technology had nothing to do with the capture of this seasoned criminal.  Let's just say he didn't cover his tracks...literally.

Late Monday night / early Tuesday morning someone broke into Avon Donuts in Pontiac, Michigan.  The suspect broke into the building by smashing a glass door with a broken piece of concrete.  Once inside the business he stole cash from the register and apparently walked home.  Thanks to a nice, fresh snow fall Monday night, Oakland County Sheriff's deputies were able to simply follow the the suspect's foot prints.  He might as well have left a photo ID on the counter before he left.  Can you imagine the conversation this suspect will have with other inmates about how they were caught?

In addition to this crime the 51-year-old is a suspect in other area break-ins.  And then there his previous convictions according to The Oakland Press,

...second-degree murder, armed robbery, resisting arrest, domestic violence and five break-ins.

Wait, did that say murder and armed robbery?  #1 How is this guy free?  #2 Can someone make sure he doesn't read this?  Please and thank you.


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