The gaming business is good at Firekeepers. So good, in fact, that another major expansion will be getting under way soon, to build a second hotel tower.The expansion news underlines what a success the Battle Creek casino is, and looking to the future, how it wants to be a bigger player for larger conventions and the meeting business. Firekeepers say its occupancy rate is over 95% for the past year. While this might make it the envy of the industry, it does put a crimp into scheduling flexibility. The additions to the facility, would also allow for more jobs.

“Today’s announcement is the first step in the process, as we secure architects and constructions management. This is a key step in our Strategic Plan for FireKeepers to provide for future generations of our tribe.” - Jamie Stuck, Chairman of the NHBP Tribal Council.

Firekeepers hasn't set a groundbreaking date yet, but will shortly. Further details on budgets, additional jobs, number of rooms, should be released as the project moves forward.




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