Last week a decision was made by the Mayor of Ferndale, Dave Coulter and the city council to permanently wave the LGBT Pride Flag in Ferndale's council chambers.

"Fabulous" Ferndale has always been a staple location for those of the LGBT community, which first started attracting the crowd in the 80's. Known for its small town, DIY fused atmosphere, this Oakland County city is one of very few cities in the country to feature the flag at a government building.

Mayor Coulter stated through the city of Ferndale's website:

Our motto in Ferndale is ‘Good Neighbors,’ and we interpret that to include the diversity of our residents and guests and the benefits of inclusive decision-making. My fellow Council members and I strive to act in ways reflective of Ferndale’s shared values. A critical part of Ferndale’s revitalization, and its continued success going forward, is owed to these pioneers and the lessons they taught in embracing of the equality of all races, ages, identities, nationalities and orientations in our city.

Ferndale is one of my favorite cities to be in. It has a very vintage feel to it. I'm glad the city is making strives to urge people to come together.

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