A local police officer stepped up to help a fast food employee after his bike was stolen.

Tyreese Taylor uses his bicycle all of the time.  In fact, it's his main form of transportation.  That's how he gets to his job at Taco Bell in Ferndale, Michigan.  That was the case until someone stole Taylor's bike in early May right from his employer's parking lot.  The bike was actually stolen right in front of him according to Fox 2 Detroit,

He had arrived to work early and was waiting for his manager when someone offered him some money to use his phone. Taylor told him to ask his manager.  The suspect instead hopped on his bike and sped away.

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Once the police arrived on the scene, the suspect and Taylor's bike were long gone.  They had little to no evidence to help them identify the bike thief.  After meeting Tyreese Ferndale, PD Officer Christopher Wiacek wanted to do something to help him out.  So, he checked for an extra bike at the police department to give him.  No luck.  But he didn't stop there.  The officer went to Motorcity Pawn Brokers to buy Taylor a new bike.  But, the local business said no.  They wouldn't take the officer's money.  Instead, the Motorcity Pawn Brokers donated a bike.  The officer then took that bike to The Trek Bicycle Store to have it serviced.  Would you believe they serviced Taylor's new bike free of charge?

You can see pictures of Officer Wiacek delivering the bicycle to Taylor by clicking here.  

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