We need to start bringing back public water gun and water balloon fights like we used to do back when we were kids. One city in Michigan agrees with this idea, as Ferndale is preparing for 'The Great Ferndale Water Gun Fight' of 2019, going down on Saturday, August 10th from Noon until 2 p.m. at PORT on 116 E. Troy in Ferndale. Two Teams, represented by local bars will be facing off this year.  Team PORT and Team NEW WAY BAR will square off to see who can burst more of the others' balloons. . . and who will just be a soaking wet mess.
Imperial, which is nearby, will be a water filling station and neutral ground at the event. If you see somebody filling their water gun or grabbing beers or tacos, it's advised you leave 'em alone.

This is an outdoor event. No water play in buildings or on private property. And don't squirt people who don't want to be squirted (that's technically Assault). Here are some very important rules the organizers have listed on the event page to keep this event fun and safe:

MOST IMPORTANT RULE: This is an outdoor event. No water play in buildings or on private property. And don't squirt people who don't want to be squirted!


1. BYOWG. Bring your own water gun. Water guns MUST be CLEARLY toys. We're talking bright colors, translucent, whatever. The reason for this should be obvious. This should be a fun, safe event!

2. Declare your allegiance. When you RSVP "Yes" for this event, leave a comment declaring your allegiance to Team New Way or Team Port. Whomever's team you're on will dictate where you meet at 12pm August 10.

3. DRESS CODE: Team Port = Neon Pink Hats. Team New Way = Neon Orange Hats. It's very important that only those participating get squirted with water guns. Legally, if you squirt an unwilling participant, that's assault. We don't want that.

4. You MUST obey traffic laws - no jaywalking, and cross at crosswalks. No crossing Woodward! Both bars are on the East side of Woodward, so there's no reason to run through traffic.

5. If you're drinking at New Way, Port, Imperial, or any other Ferndale bars, YOU MUST OBSERVE OPEN INTOX LAWS. Just cause we're running around with squirt guns doesn't mean we can run around with squirt guns and open pints of liquor. This could result in a ticket or worse and that's no fun.

6. This all boils down to a game of burst the balloon. Capture the Flag got a little crazy last year - with burst the balloon, once the balloons are burst, that scores a point! We'll have referees keeping score - more game rules will be posted closer to the event.

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