If you pass by this accident on I-94, don't slow down.

This has been one of the craziest winters ever.  It's not just my opinion.  It's science!

According to Dr. Robert Ruhf, a meteorologist and senior research associate in the Western Michigan University Mallinson Institute for Science Education, "February could go down as one of the coldest Februaries.

"It's been colder than last year and is comparable to the cold winters we saw in the 1970s," Ruhf said.

It feels like snow has been on the ground all winter.  But that's mainly due to the lack of warm tempatures. Ruhf points out that we received far less snow than last year.

Then there's the traffic accidents. We had a 200-car pileup on I-94 near Battle Creek in Janurary.  I also lost my Nissan Cube in a 50-car pileup on I-69 near Gaston, IN in Feburary.

Then I passed this strange accident on I-94 near Sprinkle Road today.