An 11-year-old from Boardman, Ohio created 'First Aid Lemonade' to raise money for first responders.  Here's why.

William Thomas wants to be a first responder some day just like his uncle who is a firefighter.  That might be why this young man is so motivated to help.  Thomas created the First Aid Lemonade stand in Boardman, Ohio.  The young, future first responder is very passionate about his mission according to WKBN,

His mission is to take family-style meals to fire departments, and individual meals or gift cards to police officers and EMTs. He will be doing this locally, in a 50-mile range or so.

Thomas just opened his lemonade stand for the first time last weekend.  Many first responders stopped in to show the generous young man some love.  In fact, you can see photos the William with first responders and other residents that stopped by to support his cause on the First Aid Lemonade stand's facebook page.  Here's what the facebook page said about Thomas in a recent post,

About our founder, 6th grader, William Thomas. William has always had a passion for police officers & firefighters! His passion came from his strong bond with his Uncle Ralph, a firefighter. William has spent his eleven years of life looking up to first responders.


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If you would like to help support William Thomas' passion project, you can find more information on the First Aid Lemonade facebook page by clicking here.



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