FedEx allegedly remains silent as a video goes viral that claims a delivery driver stole a young girl's kitten.

Katie Hardy, a 5th grade teacher in Covington, Indiana turned to social media for help since she seemed to be getting nowhere with FedEx.  Within 24 hours of her tweet, her daughter's kitten was returned.

We don't know exactly why the kitten was taken or how the adorable little feline was returned to the Hardy family.  However, we did notice a tweet from FedEx just before 9am Tuesday morning,

Hello Katie, this is Latasha. I sincerely apologize for the actions of the FedEx couriers. This is not acceptable, and I would like to escalate this for you. Will you please send a DM with your complete address and phone number?

Regardless of why the cat was taken and how she was returned, we're happy that the little girl got her kitten back.  This could be an advertisement for security cameras.

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