As the old adage goes: you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. That saying rang true with one of my personal Faygo flavors, Jazzin' Bluesberry.

It seems I had only just discovered its jazzy, bluesberry goodness when it was pulled from store shelves nearly 15 years ago. Although the flavor never left entirely, having been available in southern states this whole time, Faygo has once again decided to grace us with this delectable and delicious fan favorite.

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First reported by MLive, popular Michigan-based soda (pop) brand Faygo has decided to return Jazzin' Bluesberry to the north after nearly a decade of being away. Faygo Director of Marketing, Dawn Burch, told MLive the blueberry-based flavor is,

one of the flavors that we get inquiries on frequently...So we thought it would be fun to bring it back for a limited time.

It's no surprise that Faygo fanatics have been clamoring about this elusive flavor for years. If you've never had Jazzin' Bluesberry before the official Faygo website writes, "Our blueberries listen to eight hours of sax solos before they make it into our bottles." Tasty, indeed!

Jealous, Much?

Perhaps the beloved Michigan brand got a little jealous of Vernors getting all the attention? Michiganders have been stalking Meijer store shelves over the last few weeks trying to find the Michigan-made ginger ale brand's newly released black cherry ginger--their first new flavor in over 50 years.

How Long is a "Limited Time"?

If you're a fan of this beloved flavor, I'd suggest stocking up now. Though there is no official timeline on the availability of Jazzin' Bluesberry, Dawn makes it sound like this won't last forever. MLive reports you'll be able to find it at least for the next several months.

Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and both Vernors black cherry ginger and Faygo Jazzin' Bluesberry will have a permanent place on Meijer shelves! That would be a Pure Michigan dream come true.

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