The troubled Family Fitness of Portage has closed its doors on Constitution Boulevard and its approximately 200 members have been absorbed by the Kalamazoo YMCA's two facilities.

The transfer was originally going to happen at the end of February, but Family Fitness abruptly shut down on January 31st. The official reason being it lost its lease and the property will become a church. (Ironically, the Maple Street YMCA facility is across the street from a church.)  An additional factor may have been a consent agreement with the Michigan Attorney General's office in April of 2019, where Family Fitness agreed to pay up to $220,000 "for alleged violations of the state’s Consumer Protection Act filed in September 2017."

Transferring some of those memberships to the YMCA might also help in avoiding further scrutiny from state officials.

YMCA expansion
The Maple Street YMCA facility was remodeled and expanded in 2018. (Graphic courtesy Kalamazoo YMCA. Used by permission.)

Sources say the addition of new members has accelerated some expansion plans at the YMCA, with project that can alleviate crowded situations fast-tracked.

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