An Indianapolis man is under arrest after pulling one of the dumbest things you'll ever read about.

This man did more than just pretend to be law enforcement and pull over an actual off-duty cop according to The Indy Channel,

On March 1, Phillip Espique pulled up next to the lieutenant and used a siren to try to get him to pull over on US 31 South, according to a press release from the Southport Police Department. When the lieutenant didn't pull over, Espique got in front of him, got out of his car with a gun on his belt and went to confront the lieutenant.

The off-duty lieutenant played it cool and didn't identify himself as law enforcement because he had his family in the car with him.  But he did get the impostor's license plate number and called it in.

The suspect was arrested for impersonation of a public servant, criminal confinement, intimidation and reckless driving.  Authorities believe Espique has pulled over other people on the south side of Indianapolis.

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