The previous fee of $100 for Kalamazoo residents has just dropped to $10 a year at the Fairmont Dog Park in Kalamazoo.

As a dog owner I was excited to stumble upon this post on reddit,

The current fee is $10 for a fob key-pass. Dogs must at least six months old, be spayed or neutered (documentation required), and be up-to-date on all required shots (documentation required): Rabies, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Bordatella.

It used to be $100 for city residents and $125 for non-residents so it got a pretty hefty price drop.

It's a nice park, has a drinking fountain for the dogs as well as doggie bags and trashcans with lids. Fob key unlocks the gate so you must be a member to go. It has a parking lot that is open from dawn-dusk during the summer months, currently the parking lot is closed for the winter but there is still parking on the street.

Such a drastic fee change does sound far-fetched.  So, we reached out to Kalamazoo Parks and Recs to confirm the fee change and haven't heard back yet.  I promise not to hound them about it though.  It's been a ruff week with this winter weather.  As soon as I get my paws on a response I'll pass it along.

Get more info by clicking here then click the Fairmont Dog Park tab.


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