ESPN College Gameday is coming to Kalamazoo this Saturday and the crew have been missing out on these places their whole lives...

Kalamazoo ESPN College Gameday
Photo By: Craig Jones/Getty Images
Western Michigan Football has been playing so well that
ESPN College Gameday wants to broadcast live right here in Kalamazoo.  
WMU will host the Buffalo Bulls at 3:30pm at
Waldo Stadium this Saturday, November 19th.

How exciting?!  WMU is kicking butt and taking names with an amazing head coach leading the way.  P.J. Fleck told The Detroit Free Press:

People across the country can experience Row The Boat and Western Michigan University. If they don't know much about us, they're going to know more about us now.

Once the game is over the crew should see all that Kalamazoo, Michigan has to offer.  Here are the top 5 places the ESPN College Gameday crew should visit before going back to ESPN land:

Not only can you EAT at Spirit of Kalamazoo, you can buy stuff like this shirt that says, "Yes, There Really is a Kalamazoo".  I can't count how many times I was asked, "Kalamazoo is a real place?" right before moving here.  It was ridiculous.

Bell's Brewery is a household name in the Midwest and will expand across the country as distribution is headed south for Texas in 2017. If you've ever had a Bell's Two Hearted or Oberon, this is where is originated and you won't taste a beer similar.  They also have a beer garden where you can relax and hang with friends, or watch one of their live shows on the outdoor stage.

The Henderson Castle aka "The Jewel of Kalamazoo" is filled with history and is still up and running as a bed and breakfast, after being built back in 1895 by Mr. Frank Henderson.  You can take tours, sample wine, eat AMAZING food prepared by Master Chef Francois Moyer (the current owner), learn it's history and spend the weekend in one of Kalamazoo's most iconic sites.

 The $72,000 building costs included seven baths (one with a thirteen-head shower), an elevator, a third-floor ballroom, and a hot tub on the roof (added later). The castle’s exterior was constructed of Lake Superior sandstone and brick, and the interior wood included mahogany, bird's eye maple, quartered oak, birch, and American sycamore. The castle was built with 25 rooms in all and exemplified the most expensive tastes of the time.

4.  SkyDeck in Downtown Kalamazoo


The SkyDeck is located high atop The Entertainment District where you can enjoy beautiful views, food and adult beverages.

"Bask in glorious sunshine or simmer under the stars from a vantage point like no other. We offer superb night life and an excellent venue for one-of-a-kind special events and private affairs."

Year round, there are constant reasons to come to the mall. Parades and sidewalk sales. Art on the Mall, Mixer on the Mall, the holiday season, and more. All of it at the heart of a growing, diverse Central City.

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