If you're from or have lived in Kalamazoo for a good amount of time, there are some names that are synonymous with Kalamazoo radio. Of course, we all love and adore afternoon legend Dave Benson. But another name that has had an incredibly strong impact, not only in the community, but in my life as well, is Heather McGregor. She has been a part of 103.3 WKFR's history since the turn of the millennium, when she was also a morning rock star on KFR. After her hiatus in radio, she returned about 5 years ago, and for the past few years she's been teaming with Dana Marshall for Marshall & McGregor in The Morning.

Now we say so-long to an amazing co-worker, friend and radio personality. Friday January 24th 2020 will be Heather's last show on 103.3 WKFR. She's taking on a new radio adventure starting next week and we wish her nothing but success and happiness in the scary, yet exciting time in her life. Heather has been a magnificent friend and member of this community as we all know. You can't replace people like her. She leaves Kalamazoo and WKFR on wonderful and positive terms, and hopes you'll continue to support the morning show, as we continue to serve the greater Kalamazoo area. Good luck to you Heather. Thank you for the positive impact you've made on thousands of listener's and friend's lives. Kalamazoo will always welcome you back. Make sure you listen all week long 5:30 a.m.- 10 a.m., as Dana and heather go out with a bang. Your last chance to party with her is at Adult Prom this Friday. Starting Monday January 27th, for now, Dana Marshall will do the morning show solo as we search for Heather McGregor's replacement.  We all wish Heather McGregor the best at her new job.

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