Another SPLICE Institute music event is set to begin at Western Michigan University this Sunday, June 23rd.

If you're wondering what that is, the SPLICE website says "SPLICE Institute is a week-long, intensive program for performers and composers to experience, explore, interpret, and create music for instruments and electronics."

This is the fifth year for SPLICE, which say it looks to push the boundaries of traditional music performance and provide a community space for artists interested in how technology can be used for music.

One of the founders of SPLICE is WMU's Dr. Christopher Biggs, an associate professor of music composition and technology at WMU.  He says the institute fills a void in the field.

"Composers get very good education on acoustic instruments. There are whole classes dedicated to writing for acoustic instruments and faculty who are very well versed," says Biggs.

Biggs points out that "curriculum for performance electronics is not readily available for performers or composers."

If you're curious as what this all sounds like, there are nightly performances at Dalton Recital Hall at WMU during the institute. There are examples posted on YouTube, like this one.




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