Kalamazoo's Edison Neighborhood is getting ready to bring a little culture to the area with a free jazz festival in September of this year (2022).

A recent article from secondwavemedia.com details the plans for this brand new festival.

Why Jazz?

The genre of jazz music always seems to be scoffed at as something that requires an acquired taste. But, like most other things, it probably hasn't been given the chance it deserves by the majority of the population.

In fact, some believe that jazz music is actually good for the brain. Some studies have found that listening to jazz music helped lessen the symptoms of depression and that it promoted creativity.

For the Edison Neighborhood specifically, the idea of a jazz festival came from an already popular weekly event where students from WMU and other jazz musicians would get together for a "jazz jam session" at the Dormouse Theater. The hope is that the jazz festival will bring a higher quality of life, arts, and culture to the people of the Edison Neighborhood and anyone else that chooses to attend.

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Tell Me All the Jazz Festival Details

As the title of this article suggests, the jazz festival will be free to attend.

The entire thing will take place over three days in September at three separate places within the Edison Neighborhood:

  • Day 1: At Jerico Town (three old factory buildings that are now being used by artists, a cafe, entrepreneurs, and more. Second Wave did a fantastic article about the growth of Jerico Town. Read it here.)
  • Day 2: A Block Party with a musical parade, food trucks, and more.
  • Day 3: At the Creamery, the newest affordable housing building in the Edison Neighborhood. The festival will take place on the rooftop.

Internationally known artists and local artists will both be featured at the festival. Of course, some details are subject to change. But, even if it was a one-day festival...attending for free is a heck of a deal.

Speaking Of...

The desire is to make the festival accessible to everyone, which is why it's free. But, if you're familiar with event planning you know...these things cost money. Generally, you have to get permits, pay for police presence at times to shut down traffic, pay for event insurance...the list goes on.

With that in mind, the Edison Neighborhood Association needs to raise $25,000, give or take, to successfully put on the festival. If you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, or know of someone who would want to fund this event, you can find more information on how to donate here.

As well, you can contact the Edison Neighborhood Association by phone at 269-382-0916. Individuals can also donate.

Stay up to date with any changes or news about this upcoming jazz festival by following the Edison Neighborhood Association on Facebook.

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