In Kalamazoo's Edison Neighborhood near the main Kalamazoo Post Office, there once was a short trail with lots of stories associated with it. Do you remember Kalamazoo's Black Path?

The stories of the Black Path where shared on the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook group.

The Black Path began at the end of Race Street at Palmer, near Southside Playground. The path ran near an old greenhouse along today's Flower Street to Miller Road behind the Main Post Office.

So what legends are there? As urban legends often do, they involve the death of a child that no one can quite remember the full details.

One story is that a child was sledding down the path, lost control and was hit by a car on Palmer Street near the playground.

Another tale tells of a bike rider who ran across a wire strung across the path and was decapitated.

Perhaps the more believable legend is that, according to Laura on Facebook, 'That's where the bad boys hung out.' A little underage drinking and smoking - that's a little more plausible.

The area of the Black Path is now an apartment complex. There a small remnant of the greenhouse business along the path is an apparently abandoned building near Flower and Miller.

Old Greenhouse Kalamazoo
Eric Meier/TSM

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