The whole world has erupted into chaos over the news that Dr. Seuss' estate has made the announcement that they'll no longer be publishing 6 of his books, most of which are not his most popular works. Since then we've seen people using this as a way to compare apples to oranges, discussing how Cardi B's #1 song "WAP" is okay, but Dr. Seuss books aren't (Which you can read in this month's edition of "Wow, That's Not Even Remotely The Point Magazine). They've even gone as far as saying people are "Cancelling" Dr. Seuss... so let's talk about this listing.

This is by no means a call to harms to harass someone online because let's face it, that literally will do nothing but kick up drama and you've got way better things to do than that. But someone living in Kalamazoo has listed a copy of "And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street" for $1,000, which if you're trying to preserve someone's legacy, personally, making roughly $990 off of their work isn't the way to do it. This isn't the first listing I've seen out of Kalamazoo either, so let's clear up some serious facts because it's clear Facebook memes just aren't educating people.

Why Are These Books No Longer Being Published

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has publicly announced that the 6 books in question, "portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprise's catalog represents and supports all communities and families."
So I ask, how is this a bad thing?

What Books Are No Longer Being Published

  • "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street"
  • "If I Ran the Zoo"
  • "McElligot's Pool"
  • "On Beyond Zebra!"
  • "Scrambled Eggs Super!"
  • "The Cat's Quizzer"

I have only ever heard of 2 of those books, neither of which have any kind of staying power from my childhood like The Lorax or One Fish, Two Fish.

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Is Dr. Seuss Being Cancelled

NO. People, Facebook memes do not constitute as news, facts, or a educated way of presenting your case. This is exactly how things work: Decisions are made, people who don't get their facts or understand what's actually happening make memes, those memes get shared, those memes start becoming a fact for people because they only read the headline, then the whole cause is put into question because what was originally a very understandable reason for no longer publishing FROM Dr. Seuss' Estate, becomes "the liberals are cancelling Dr. Seuss."

Since when is doing the responsible thing for ALL people a bad thing? How does this affect your life in ANY amount? Like, how does this decision disrupt your daily life? It doesn't, but it's starting to become more and more clear that people value "stuff" more than human lives or feelings, which is pretty sad.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.

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