Like pretty much everything in modern life, there's an app for it, and parking your car in a downtown Kalamazoo parking structure will be no different, come August.Central City Parking, which controls the parking in downtown Kalamazoo, will begin a major upgrade, beginning August 7th, with the installation of automated "revenue control" equipment.

The first location to receive the new equipment will be the Kalamazoo Mall ramp on Portage Street. After that, it's the Epic Center ramp on South Street.

The changes will mean:

  • The ability to pre-pay for parking in advance of arriving in an exit lane. Customers will be able to pay with cash, credit or debit card at pay-on-foot machines located in the ground floor elevator lobby at each entrance. Once you arrive at the lane, simply insert your pre-paid ticket that you received from the pay-on-foot machine and leave. Quick and easy! Cash will no longer be accepted at the exits. Cash can be used to pre-pay for parking at the pay-on-foot pay stations located in the ground floor elevator lobby at each entrance.
  • The ability to utilize Parkmobile to locate and pay for parking in the ramps. This is the same payment platform option currently used at the parking meters.
  • New validation program options for quicker customer service, no more stickers or stamps!

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