After closing their Westnedge location during the pandemic, Theo and Stacy's are closing their original brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Kalamazoo as well. After 50 years, Theo and Stacy will close the kitchen, serve their last meals, share their last jokes and smiles, before closing the doors forever.

A bittersweet moment for Stacy and her family as they look back to the grand opening of their Greek American restaurant in 1973, being concerned about if they would be successful or not. Now, they have 50 years of laughter, smiles, memories, and relationships with customers to cherish forever.

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Leaving a Legend

The news comes from a Facebook post from the official Theo and Stacy's Downtown page, sharing that they would be closing their kitchen and doors soon but with new beginnings on the horizon.

Many Kalamazoo residents can remember getting breakfast and coffee with family or a loved one or enjoying a warm meal and quality conversation with the owners, nonetheless the Kzoo community will not forget what Theo and Stacy's did for so long.

Theo and Stacy's had some of the best Greek American cuisine in the city from the Gyros, steaks, omelets to the burgers, fries, and sandwiches you couldn't go wrong no matter what you chose. Kalamazoo residents had their favorites and Theo and Stacy's, and they loved serving.

Stacy and her family will be closing their doors for good on Sunday, January 29 and will operate during the hours of Monday - Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m.-2 p.m. during the meantime.

Even though Stacy and the family are closing their kitchen and doors, it doesn't mean this space will stay vacant as someone has already reached out about taking over the place and bringing new food to downtown Kalamazoo.

What Does Kalamazoo Want Next?

All we know at this moment about the next business coming in to replace Theo and Stacy's is just that, that they are a restaurant - but that's it. We don't know the name, if they're a chain restaurant, or what type of cuisine they will offer.

Kalamazoo does have its own ideas for what they think should be replacing Theo and Stacy's but I'm sure that none of us are right and we'll get something unexpected instead. After scrolling on Facebook here are a handful of options thrown out by the Kalamazoo Locals.

Places like Portillos, Wahlburgers, Giordano's Pizza, Texas de Brazil, Pappy’s, and other smaller places like Hacienda, Hot pot/ fondue, Johnny Cariños, and many more options were thrown out! I like any of these options and I'm sure whatever we do get will be perfect for the community.

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