Help us feed hungry families in Kalamazoo County while you enjoy some delicious food.

Happily, most of us don't experience hunger.  With that being said, we may have no idea that people close to us are going hungry.  Approximately 8,000 children in Kalamazoo County are struggling with food insecurity.  That's 12% of all children in Kalamazoo County.  Your children are likely friends with kids dealing with this unthinkable issue.  That's why 103.3 KFR is teaming up with Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes and OnStaff for Dollar Drive Thru 2021.

We've not only made it easy to donate, we've made it delicious.  Stop by and see us on Thursday, August 5th from 6am-6pm at Traveler's Café and Pub on Portage Rd. near the airport.  If you don't have a lot of time, you can just swing by, open your window and do a quick donation in the parking lot of Traveler's.  However, if you're hungry, 100% of sales that day at Traveler's Café and Pub will be donated to this amazing cause.

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If you want to help but you can't make it to Traveler's Cafe and Pub, no worries.  You can donate online by clicking here or stop by one of our other collection sites:

  • Traveler’s Café and Pub – on Portage St near the airport
  • Old National Bank – Drake by Costco
  • Panera Bread – Westnedge by Southland Mall
  • Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, 901 Portage St – just south of downtown

How far will your donation go to help hungry people right here in Kalamazoo County?  Just $1 helps Loaves & Fishes feed one child 3 meals.

Loaves & Fishes serves an average of 500 individuals per day and provided meals for nearly 28,000 unduplicated individuals last year.

Dollar Drive Thru 2021

When: Thursday, August 5th from 6AM to 6PM

Where: Traveler's Café and Pub - 5225 Portage Rd, Portage

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