If you've been looking for a playful pup to welcome into your family, I'd like to introduce you to Toast.

Toast, currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan, is about two and a half years old. He's very playful and loves to be outside so he can do plenty of running and jumping. While Toast is okay with older kids, he doesn't do well with small children. As well, it's unknown if he does well with cats. However, the SPCA of SW Michigan says he does do well with some dogs.

The best way to determine if Toast will be a right fit in your home is to bring any other dogs you may have to the SPCA for a meet and greet. That way, they can meet on neutral ground to see if they're a good match.

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Toast is up to date on his vaccines and ready to find the perfect family for him today! If you're interested in adopting Toast or any of the other animals currently available at the SPCA of SW Michigan, you can contact them here or stop by during their regular business hours:

  • Address: 6955 W Kl Ave in Kalamazoo
  • Phone number: 269-344-1474
  • Hours: M-F 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, closed on Sundays

Volunteering and Fostering

We discuss this every week because it's still needed and necessary. Not everyone is in the position to adopt an animal which is completely understandable. However, if you find yourself wanting to help the animals but unable to adopt, there are still ways you can make an impact.

Volunteering your time at the SPCA of SW Michigan is such a huge help and is always in demand. You could be walking dogs, answering phones, or even helping with IT work. There are plenty of opportunities and any help will be greatly appreciated by the SPCA.

You could also foster an animal. Now, a lot of people seem to think that this comes with a financial responsibility but, really, it doesn't. The SPCA of SW Michigan takes care of the costs for the food and any medication. You're simply providing a space where the dog or cat can relax in a home instead of the shelter. And, it helps the animal become more sociable which, in turn, helps them become more likely to be adopted.

You can more information on both fostering and volunteering here.

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